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For my drabbles100 claim.
All drabbles are PG - PG13.

Title: Tactics
Prompt #22 - Enemies
Word Count: 100

Duo glanced at his opponent, his enemy once more. He knew that his next move would end this, but wasn't prepared to do so just yet. He wanted to make his enemy uncomfortable. It wouldn't do to give away just how well he knew the man's mind. It was always better to be underestimated.

After what he deemed an appropriate amount of time, Duo made his move, grinning deviously.

"You've sunk my battleship, again. Can we play something else, now? Something I actually stand a chance of winning?" Zechs asked, raising one elegant eyebrow.

"Now what fun would that be?"

Title: Scars
Prompt #80: Healing
Word Count: 100

Physical scars, and the memories attached to them, would heal in time.

There were deeper scars, deeper pains, that he feared never would.

On nights like this, Duo would lay awake, gently caressing his lover's fevered brow. He'd try not to wince as the name of a dead ex floated past those parched lips, and pray for the morning to come. The nights were fewer and farther between than they'd been even a year ago, but still they came. On nights when the heavens were clear and the stars could be seen stretching across the infinite sky, Zechs would dream.

Title: November
Prompt #93: Thanksgiving
Word count: 161

Zechs had learned early on that there was only one holiday Duo insisted on celebrating: Thanksgiving. He'd never really given it much thought before; it was just another day to dress in uncomfortable clothes and attend stuffy parties. Even after the war, he'd never stopped to consider it's significance.

It had taken a night spent with Duo and some other former Gundam pilots - men who had been enemies, but were now friends - on one cold November evening for the meaning to really sink in. There'd been no ridiculous outfits or hand-stuffed hors d'oeuvres, just some good food and alcohol in a small living room.

When Zechs had opened his eyes the next morning, blearily wondering at the fact that they hadn't managed to actually leave the room, he'd discovered a young man snuggling in his arms. When Duo had looked at him sheepishly, those blue-violet eyes hoping for acceptance, he'd finally understood. This was something to be thankful for.

Title: New Era
Prompt #29: Birth
Word count: 210

"This is the birth of a new Era."

How many times had Duo heard those words? He still wasn't sure how they applied to him, what they meant for his future. Yet everywhere he turned, someone was saying it. It seemed every dignitary in all of Earth or the colonies had a poster with that phrase plastered below his grinning face.

"If this is a birth, then it is also a death. The people would do well to remember the soldiers whose lives they casually throw away now that peace is upon us," echoed a television in a storefront as Duo passed. He paused, not quite believing what he'd heard. Who would dare to make a statement so bold, so true?

The mass of blond hair was the giveaway, even though the mask had finally been removed. It was hard to reconcile this man who seemed to get it with the man who'd been an enemy not so long ago. But hadn't the war passed? Was it time to make friends out of old enemies, bond with the only people who could really understand?

Yes, it was. Duo resumed his walk home, head held high. Zechs Merquise would be hearing from him soon.

Title: Invitations
Prompt #23: Lovers
Word count: 109

It wasn't obvious, at least not at first. They didn't cuddle in public or make out on park benches. In fact, Wufei had thought they didn't even like each other. Heero had been aware that Duo was seeing somebody, but it had taken him a while to recognize who. Quatre had been the first to figure it out, though surprisingly, Zechs had been the one to give it away. Trowa had just watched, unfazed.

Slowly, they'd all begun to suspect, if not outright known.

But it wasn't until a few years later, when the wedding invitations arrived in the mail, that it became obvious.
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