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Title: Unspoken
Author: [ profile] liquidmirror
Pairing: Axel/Larxene
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Theme: 7. Our own world
Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts. Disney/Square Enix people do. 'nough said.

There are many things she should have said. "Stay away from me," is at the top of the list. Right below it is, "Don't leave."

Stay away from me, she screams at him, but the words never seem to actually leave her lips, though they're poised at the back of her throat. Instead she says, "Axel," and he doesn't miss the combination of fear, excitement, and longing that colors her tone.

"Miss me?" he asks, cocky as ever. She'd stab him if it helped, but it never does.

"Hardly," she chimes back, going for nonchalance. She tells herself that he buys it, but the truth is clear in his bright green eyes. "One less loser I have to put up with." The quip is barely an insult, but she wasn't expecting him and he hasn't taken his eyes off of her, which always throws her.

"Couldn't make it easy for you. You're more fun riled up." He says this with his usual arrogance, and it just irritates her, but she plays it off because she refuses to do anything else.

"Why are you here, Red?" She saunters towards him, as flirty as can be. If it's her choice to be this close to him then it isn't because he's got some kind of magnetic hold on her. If she's in control then he won't get the upper hand. "Come to check up on our little castle?"

He isn't shaken by how close she is, he just smiles down at her like he knows the real reason she's standing right there. "Nice place. Could use a little decoration." He chuckles. "I'm surprised your flower-boy hasn't filled it up with roses."

She wrinkles her nose a little. Marluxia's only filled the one room, and it's more than enough. "It is nice," she muses out loud, forgetting to check her thoughts around him again. "Our own world." She looks up into his eyes, and somehow she's vulnerable like she hasn't been since before the loss of her heart. It's impossible not to let him in.

"Don't forget what it's for," he chides. He brings a hand up to her face, stopping his fingers just before they brush against her cheek. She steps closer and leans into the almost caress, pretending that she's acting on instinct. It's so much easier if it's a mistake.

His smile is both mocking and compassionate as he steps back through the portal he's opened behind him. The darkness kisses her where his hand should have been.

Don't leave.
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