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Title: Hey There, Delilah
Rating/Warning: Er, PG?
Word Count: 810
For: tdm challenge, mysterious tarot.
Author's Notes: Lol I'm such a loser that I didn't post this in my writing journal. >.> So now I do. THERE.

It's pouring rain as she enters the coffee shop, looking and feeling like a drowned cat. Her jacket is dripping all over the floor, and her black curly hair is plastered to her face and neck. A flash of lightening lights up the sky behind her, and the patrons of the shop look up, startled. Embarrassed, she heads to the counter, keeping her head down.

"Want your usual, Delilah?" asks the boy behind the counter. His name tag reads Steven, but she knows him affectionately as the Coffee Giver. She smiles a lopsided little smile at him as she nods, still too cold to speak. He makes small talk about the weather as he presses the buttons on the espresso machine and steams the milk. She lets him hold his one-sided conversation, content with the familiar chatter.

"No charge. If I didn't give you something warm, I could be arrested for involuntary manslaughter or something," he says with a wink. She blushes, as per usual, and takes a seat in a booth near the window, staring out into the deluge.

Her distracted thoughts are interrupted as a man stumbles into the booth across from her. She doesn't mean to stare, but he's too fascinating to look away from. His clothes are fairly ragged, though he doesn't smell homeless. The look on his face is fairly determined, and he seems like he's holding everything together, so he can survive just a little bit longer. Just a bit farther, his posture seems to scream. Hold on, just a bit farther.

His hands are empty, and Delilah wonders if he has the money to buy a drink. She normally ignores everyone in this city, because that's how it's done. Yet, she feels drawn to help this man. Quietly, she stands, and makes her way back to the counter. The Coffee Giver seems surprised to see her, and she whispers to him that she'd like a plain coffee, black. He nods, assessing the situation, and gives her this for free also.

Feeling a bit spoiled, she rummages in her pockets and puts any loose change she can find in his tip jar, blushing a bit. He winks again, then goes back to cleaning his counter, keeping a slightly wary eye on the newcomer. Delilah can see his worry, and appreciates it. He's been the only constant in her life since she moved here, and he's always got a smile for her. She knows that if she disappeared, he at least would wonder where she'd gone.

Slowly she makes her way back to the man in the booth, contemplating what she should say. She's never been particularly good at making friends or introductions, and yet here she is, taking the first step towards a brand new path, one she's never been on before.

Too afraid to say much of anything, Delilah simply sets the coffee down in front of the man, giving her uncertain half-smile when he looks up in surprise. "You, um, looked cold," she offers quietly in explanation.

"I am," he replies, in a thick Irish accent, still looking uncertain. With a careful sip, he tries the drink before him, and seeming to find it satisfactory, drinks about half the cup. "Thank you, lass," he says, smiling.

"You're welcome," she responds, blushing yet again. She smiles at him, then takes her seat, continuing to stare out the window. This time, however, she's watching his reflection in the glass, wondering who he is, and where he's going, and if she helped him.

Outside, the rain is clearing up, and the sun has started to come out. There's a rainbow, defying all logic, shining between the tall buildings. For a fleeting moment, Delilah wonders if, perhaps, the gentleman... But no, she tells herself, that's just silly.

Finally, she gets up, realizing she has to go home sometime. The man, seeming less troubled now, winks at her, much as the Coffee Giver often does. She blushes one more time, and gives him a small wave as she steps out into the softly drizzling rain. The rainbow, more beautiful than any other she's seen before, seems to be almost leading her home.

Daydreaming more than walking, she almost skips her way home. As she turns one last corner, she nearly bowls over a beautiful young man heading towards the same building. Somewhat dazed, she watches as if from an outside perspective as he helps her up and reveals that he lives just down the hall. She settles into her apartment, still a bit dazzled by the young and seemingly interested man down the hall. She glances out her window, and standing there is the man from the coffee shop, still holding the coffee she'd given him. He winks once more, and strolls off, evidently pleased with himself.

The End.
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