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More of my original fiction, how exciting! I think when I've written "The Novel of Marq and Zand (working title)", this will become a "deleted scene" so to speak. As in, I'm mostly writing this for me, to figure out the background of these characters and how they interact. It's not part of the overall plot. At least, I don't think it is. But what the hell do I know, I'm only the writer.

"Is that your boyfriend?"

Marq glanced up, confused. It was his first week at the bookstore, and he hadn't been particularly social as of yet. However, it seemed one of the female employees (Karla, according to her nametag) was already making assumptions about his love life.

"Who, Zand?" he asked her, glancing at the man sitting in the coffee shop next door. He supposed the connection wasn't a particularly hard one to make, as Zand had managed to pick him up every day since he'd started. He was lucky it was summer break - next week he'd only get a ride as long as classes let out early.

"Yeah, him. Are you two dating?" Karla asked, eyeing Zand. Marq noticed, and inwardly sighed. This was not the kind of girl he would have preferred, but Zand seemed to like them that way. Pretty and brainless. He just hoped his roommate's sexual conquests wouldn't interfere with his work environment.

"Nope. Why, are you interested?" Marq had already pulled out a slip of paper from the information desk, prepared to jot down his friend's cell number. Zand would appreciate it later.

Karla seemed to get shy rather suddenly, and Marq inwardly rolled his eyes. Yep, just Zand's type. A complete idiot. At least this one knew the alphabet, or so he assumed, as she worked in a bookstore. Glancing at the clock, he realized his eight hour shift was finally at an end.

"Call if you want, he'd like you," Marq said, scribbling the number down. He left the paper on the counter and made for the timeclock, foregoing any need for further communication. This one would be old news in a month, with any luck. He'd rather get it over and done with than have the vapid whore whining about it.

Maybe that was a bit harsh, but he had just spent the day being asked where non-fiction was.

After a quick stop in the break room to grab his bag, he walked over to the coffee shop, quite ready to go home.

"Long day?" Zand asked, pushing a large cup of tea towards his friend. Still standing, Marq took the cup and motioned towards the car. He didn't want to be in this place any longer than was absolutely neccesary. Zand stood with his own cup of coffee, and led hem out to the car.

"Thanks for this," Marq said quietly, sipping as they settled in. Zand nodded, preoccupied with getting them out of the parking lot. "You've got an admirer. One of my coworkers."

At this, Zand's ears perked up. "A girlfriend or a hot lay?"

"Month at the most. She's not the type I normally set you up with," Marq replied. He was damn good at choosing women for his friend, if he did say so himself. Zand just always managed to fuck it up before it got too serious.

"Good. Not in the mood for a ball and chain right now."

FUCK. Ending it there cause I've completely lost my muses, apparently. Stupid bastards decide to take a break when I'm not looking. Anyway, there will be more, soon.
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