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Title: Dirty Little Secret
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius Black/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17 for adult themes. And sex.
Warnings: Sex. Angry sex.
Notes: Marauders era. [ profile] yaoibanshee asked for Marauders fic, and this is what I give her. I, apparently, fail at requests. Hope you like anyway!

He wasn't sure how it had all started. In fact, he liked to deny it had. He'd almost convince himself that it was all just a horrible nightmare. Then it would happen again.

Like now, for instance. Five minutes ago, Sirius had been intent on killing Snivellus. Now he was glad they were alone in the corridor, because he was most assuredly not cursing him. Or killing him. Point in fact, he was kissing him.

Sirius broke off the kiss, glaring at his most hated enemy's flushed cheeks. This couldn't happen here. He grabbed Snape's wrist and tugged him through the nearest door. It was a simple space, though luckily not a classroom. Too much chance of them getting caught. Perhaps the room of requirement that the Marauders had never been able to map? It was certainly rather convenient.

It looked almost like a dorm, but with only one bed. There was a long table off to one side, about waist height. The only other piece of furniture was a large chest at the foot of the bed, which Sirius was sure would contain whatever you needed it to.

"Let go of me," Snape ground out, having recovered from the kiss. No time to look about, then, Sirius decided. Spinning around, he slammed Snape back against the door, knocking the bastard's head against the wood.

"Shut up, you slimy git," Sirius commanded, unable to resist insulting the Slytherin even as he was about to fuck him.

"Fuck you." Even as he said it, Snape was smirking. Almost as if he were secretly laughing. Sirius was infuriated.

"You bloody wish," he replied, gritting his teeth. He grabbed both of Snape's hands in one of his, and pinned them above their heads. He'd learned early on that the git couldn't be trusted. The scar on his left hip was testament to that.

Before Snape could get out another retort, Sirius kissed him, shoving his tongue down his throat. It was a nasty, angry, bitter kiss filled with their hatred for each other. Snape fought for some semblance of control, but Sirius was in no mood to put up with that tonight. There were some games he didn't play, and that was one of them. He was always in control.

Snape was panting by the time Sirius pulled away. Merlin, he hated that bloody look on Snape's face. Eyes glazed over, cheeks flushed, lips bruised from the rough treatment... disgusting.

He eyed the bed for a moment, but the thought of them in bed together was too disturbing for him to contemplate. The table, however, caught his attention. Yes, that would do nicely. Grinning at his own brilliance, Sirius pulled out his wand and used a quick binding spell to keep Snape's hands together. Using the bound hands almost as a leash, he walked them over to the table.

As soon as he saw the table, Severus began struggling. He'd had somewhat high hopes when he'd seen the bed; they'd never managed to fuck on a surface softer than wood. It seemed this time was to be no different. Black and his fucking insecurities.

He was pushed down onto the table rather forcefully. His head was still hurting from being slammed against the door earlier, and this was no help. He was sure half of his face would be bruised after this, which he didn't relish trying to explain to the stupid nurse.

His thoughts were brought back to the present as Black yanked down his pants. The idiot had left their robes on, this time, perhaps not able to stand the sight of what he was doing. Severus was always amused at how much Black hated himself, even as he fucked the enemy. He wasn't sure what good fortune had brought him this blackmail material from the hated Gryffindor, but he wasn't one to ignore an opportunity like this.

He felt a small stab of fear when Black positioned himself. On good days, when the idiot was enjoying the sex more than he was hating himself, there'd be preparation. Today the bastard's self-loathing was obviously overwhelming, and Severus only hoped he'd had the decency to slather on some lubrication. The sound of a small bottle being opened helped him relax a bit, though he wondered at Black carrying lubrication throughout the day.

Sirius waited as long as he could, hoping he'd find the strength to just walk away. They were barely even naked, and Snape was face-down on the table. How hard would it be to just zip up his pants and walk away?

Too bloody hard.

He pushed in, refusing to be careful or allow Snape time to adjust. With one long thrust, he was buried to the hilt.

Severus hissed, trying to force his body to relax. It would only hurt more if he didn't. Fuck Black for not even pausing for breath. As his hips were slammed again and again into the edges of the table, he bit his lip to keep from crying out.

He'd never quite figured out how he managed to be aroused by all this brutality, but his erection was proof that Black wasn't the only one enjoying himself. Severus hated it, wished he could just be used by the high-and-mighty bastard, then use it all against him later. He didn't want to enjoy this. His body, however, had other plans.

Black managed to stroke the one spot that Severus absolutely hated. He cursed at him, loudly, frustrated that he could do nothing as Black hit it again and again. His body, betraying him, was nearly overwhelmed with pleasure, and he could feel an orgasm coming, though his erection remained untouched. Fucking bastard!

Sirius was too involved in his own pleasure to much care that Snape was enjoying himself as well. He knew the instant the git came, however, as he felt him tighten. Two last thrusts, and Sirius came as well.

He barely managed to keep himself standing, refusing to collapse on top of his enemy. After a few seconds, he tested his legs. Finding them steady enough to walk on, he pulled out and zipped himself up, glaring at the mess that was Snape still lying on the table.

Unable to come up with a parting insult, he merely sneered and left the room, uncaring whether or not the slimy fuck would be able to clean up and rid himself of the binding spell. Sirius needed a shower, and then he needed to see James. They'd plan a prank which Remus would protest while Peter whined a lot, and things would go back to normal. And Sirius could forget that this had ever happened at all. Because it would never happen again. This time had been the last.

"Fuck," Severus hissed, realizing the asshole had left him there. It wouldn't be too much trouble to get to his damn wand; after all, his hands were only bound together, not to the table. That was one problem with sleeping with the enemy - they usually left you in the worst position.

It was all right, though. Because one day, Severus was going to blackmail the sorry bastard. Hell, he'd blackmail the entire family if he could get away with it.

Next time, as he knew there'd be one, he'd slip Black a small potion. Something just nasty enough to serve as a bit of revenge, something he could gloat over with the other Slytherins. It would do for now.
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