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For my drabbles100 table.

Title: First Date - December 12th
Prompt #4: First
Word Count: 211

"If you'd told me we were gonna end up at a dance club, I wouldn't have worn such fancy clothes!" Duo exclaimed over the thrum of the music. His white shirt had been unbuttoned down to his waist, revealing a clean white tank underneath. The jacket and tie had disappeared at some point, but even with his sleeves rolled up, he felt extremely overheated.

Zechs grinned, scooting around in the booth to allow Duo a bit more room to sit down. "It wasn't exactly on the itinerary. You didn't seem to be having a good time during dinner, however, so I felt some changes were in order." His own jacket having been left in the car, he was seated comfortably in his pristine white dress shirt and black slacks. The martini glass in front of him completed the picture, proving that the former prince of Sanc could look like he belonged anywhere.

"Fancy things aren't really my style," Duo said, shrugging a bit sheepishly. He wondered if it would matter to someone like Zechs, whose outfit probably cost more than his rent this month.

"Hope that doesn't mean I'm out as well?"

Duo flushed a bit, and hoped the dim lights of the club would hide it. "No. You're definitely in."

A small smile and the touch of a hand on his knee was all the response he got.

In other writing news...

Marq and Lysander. But don't call him Lysander to his face. It's "Zand". Are they gay together? Very. They just don't know it yet.

My idea for them keeps changing. It started out as somewhat based on Sirius and Zexy, but minus most of the baggage (lol!) and now is not. At all. Except that Zand is a rich kid who lives off his father's money. He's going to school to become a lawyer. He also owns their one car, and as he has farther to drive to school, he takes it while Marq walks. Marq goes to school part-time and works in a bookstore, both of which are within 15 minute walking distance. Zand should buy him a bike.

Anyway. They grew up together. How they became friends no one knows. In elementary school, they barely noticed each other. In middle school, they hung out in the same circles of friends. By high school they were inseparable. Even though they were constantly annoyed at one another, where you'd find Zand, you'd find Marq, and vice versa. No one was surprised when they became roomates after graduation.

Even they aren't really sure why they're so close. They seem to have nothing in common, and are often at odds with each other. For example, Marq likes books. Reading is something he can never get enough of, be it fiction, non-fiction, etc. Zand reads magazines and not much else. However, Zand is extremely ambitious when it comes to school and his career. Marq is 23 and is still only doing college part-time, and just barely earned his associate's degree.

Where Zand is social and somewhat obnoxious, Marq is tactful and would rather spend the night at home. However, one rarely goes out without the other. Spending time together is more natural to them than breathing.

Marq is gay. He's had a few boyfriends, most of whom Zand liked.
Zand is straight. He's had multiple girlfriends, most of whom Marq found annoying.

They've never really considered a relationship between them. If they were teased about it, they just shrugged it off. After all, Zand was straight and Marq had taste, so why would they ever end up together, right?


How and when and what happens next? We'll just have to wait and see, I spose.
/end rambly.
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